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PhysiciansBusinessGroup ensures that

  • Claims are submitted accurately and quickly with attention to details.

  • There is diligent follow-up to ensure timely payment of claims by government and private payers.

  • Maximum revenue is received in a timely manner by avoiding under-pricing, coding errors, missed charges, and uncollected claims.

  • Timely reports are provided to clients.

  • Every client has a personal account representative.

  • Consulting services are available and rendered with care, proficiency, and transparency by partnering with the client to develop custom solutions for his/her environment.

  • Patients are treated carefully, graciously, and courteously.

  • There is complete patient and client confidentiality (HIPAA compliant).

Top 10 Reasons to Choose PhysiciansBusinessGroup
as Your Medical Billing Company

  1. It costs less to get the work done by PhysiciansBusinessGroup than by having it done by your own in-house staff.
  2. Collected revenue increases and is received faster.
  3. Patient billing inquiries are handled by PhysiciansBusinessGroup on your behalf.
  4. Your office management personnel can narrow their focus to maintain other practice components which cannot be outsourced.
  5. Your medical practice can redistribute dollars previously spent on in-house billing staff salaries, benefits and rented office space, supplies, etc.,
  6. Outsourcing reduces the hassles of managing billing employees.
  7. The owner retains control of the practice’s money with 24/7 access to reports on the status of billing and AR.
  8. Insurance company and patient payments still go directly to the practice – not to PhysiciansBusinessGroup..
  9. The owner has the assurance that the billing company is performing efficiently with supervision and accountability with a broader base of knowledge because they are specialists with multiple-practice experience.
  10. The physician can trust that consistent follow-up is done on each claim to collect the maximum possible revenue as evidenced by the collection rate.